Image Via Jimmy John's
Image Via Jimmy John's

Feeling down after the holidays and all this gloomy winter weather? Jimmy John’s is here to lift your spirits with a new sandwich and some sweet treats!

Key points

  • Introducing the BLAHS sandwich: A mood-boosting combo of bacon, lettuce, avocado spread, hot peppers, and salami on French bread (or in a wrap!).
  • Order it like this: Ask for a JJBLT, then add avocado spread, Jimmy Peppers, and salami, and remove the tomatoes.
  • Free dessert! Get a free cookie or brownie with your $10+ order online or in the app using code “LITTLETREAT” (Jan. 17-28 only).
  • New bright merch: Cheer yourself up with a “Self-Love Sandwich Club” hoodie, “Club Delulu” water bottle, or “After This We’re Getting Sandwiches” yoga tote.
  • BLAHS is here to stay: This delicious creation can be your go-to sandwich any time, not just during the winter blues.

So next time you’re feeling down, head to Jimmy John’s for  sandwich and a free cookie or brownie. Believe me, it’ll bring a smile to your face!


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