Jimmy John’s Launches Exciting New Secret Menu Sandwich!

Image Via Jimmy John's
Image Via Jimmy John's

Feeling down after the holidays and all this gloomy winter weather? Jimmy John’s is here to lift your spirits with a new sandwich and some sweet treats!

Key points

  • Introducing the BLAHS sandwich: A mood-boosting combo of bacon, lettuce, avocado spread, hot peppers, and salami on French bread (or in a wrap!).
  • Order it like this: Ask for a JJBLT, then add avocado spread, Jimmy Peppers, and salami, and remove the tomatoes.
  • Free dessert! Get a free cookie or brownie with your $10+ order online or in the app using code “LITTLETREAT” (Jan. 17-28 only).
  • New bright merch: Cheer yourself up with a “Self-Love Sandwich Club” hoodie, “Club Delulu” water bottle, or “After This We’re Getting Sandwiches” yoga tote.
  • BLAHS is here to stay: This delicious creation can be your go-to sandwich any time, not just during the winter blues.

So next time you’re feeling down, head to Jimmy John’s for  sandwich and a free cookie or brownie. Believe me, it’ll bring a smile to your face!

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