Wendy’s Introduces Breakfast Burrito with Cholula Hot Sauce!

Breakfast Burrito featuring Cholula Hot Sauce
Breakfast Burrito featuring Cholula Hot Sauce

Wendy’s has a yummy new breakfast burrito!

It’s got all the good stuff- eggs, cheese, bacon, potatoes, and it’s wrapped in a warm tortilla.

If you like it spicy, they give you two packets of Cholula hot sauce!

It’s only around $4 and you can get it at Wendy’s for breakfast, Price may vary.

Wanna be a food detective? Each burrito has,

 720 calories

41 grams of fat

 16 grams of bad fat

 2200 milligrams of sodium

 55 grams of carbs

 4 grams of sugar

and 32 grams of protein.

Go try it before it’s gone!

Key points

  • It’s a convenient and filling breakfast option.
  • You can personalize the spiciness with Cholula.
  • It’s available for a limited time, so grab one while you can!

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