Tim Hortons’ 60th Anniversary- Try Walnut Crunch & Cinnamon Twist Donuts in 2024!


Tim Hortons is celebrating its 60th anniversary with the return of two classic Tims Retro Donuts. Walnut Crunch and Cinnamon Twist.

The Walnut Crunch Donut is a chocolatey cake donut filled with walnuts and lightly glazed. On the other hand, The Cinnamon Twist Donut is a fluffy yeast twist donut coated in sweet cinnamon sugar.

Both the Walnut Crunch and Cinnamon Twist Donuts are available for $1.59 each at my nearby Tim Hortons.

To add a special touch to the celebration, limited-edition 60th-anniversary packaging will be used for Tim Hortons treats, including the red Tims cup, Timbit boxes, and donut boxes, while supplies last.

Fans can enjoy these Retro Donuts at participating Tim Hortons locations across the US for a limited time, with prices varying. Don’t miss out on this delicious blast from the past!

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