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Tasty Delight Olive Garden’s Ravioli Carbonara

Olive Garden Ravioli Carbonara is yummy! It’s like cheesy ravioli swimming in a creamy sauce with yummy bacon bits, extra cheese, and crunch on top. It’s not the same as fancy Italian Carbonara, but it’s super yummy and filling. You can add shrimp or chicken if you want more meat, or try different pasta instead of ravioli. Just like yummy breadsticks go with Olive Garden food, you can change this dish up too! This Italian-inspired masterpiece connects the traditional carbonara’s heritage without interruptions with the perfect finesse of Olive Garden’s culinary expertise.

You can eat ravioli anytime! Whether you make it yourself or hold some from the store, it is a great choice for dinner, and can even be a filling lunch. It is tasty and cheerful, so it will make you feel happy and full. So go ahead, enjoy the Ravioli whenever you want!
Therefore, if you like cheese, creamy sauce, and bacon, you will love Olive Garden Ravioli Carbonara. But if you want Fancy Italian carbonara, this isn’t it.

Ingredients for Olive Garden Ravioli Carbonara

Cheese Ravioli: Any kind you like! They use 4-cheese ravioli (ricotta, romano, mozzarella, gorgonzola) but feel free to grab frozen or even try ravioli with other fillings like mushroom.
Thick-sliced Bacon: Skip the tiny bacon bits, you want nice, juicy slices. Pancetta or guanciale would be fancy alternatives, but bacon works just fine for this dish.
Butter: For sauteing the garlic and making the creamy sauce base.
Garlic: Adds delicious flavor!
Flour: To thicken the sauce a bit.
Heavy Cream & Milk (or Half & Half): Creates the creamy base of the sauce.
Parmesan Cheese: Adds that classic cheesy touch.
Mozzarella Cheese: More cheese! Melts beautifully on top.
Breadcrumbs: Add a nice crunchy topping.
Bonus points
Grilled Chicken or Shrimp: Add some protein if you want to make it extra hearty.
Different Pasta: You can ditch the ravioli and use any kind of pasta you like, from spaghetti to tortellini.
Veggies: Spinach, broccoli, or mushrooms can add some healthy fiber and flavor.

Is Olive Garden’s Ravioli Carbonara any good?

Absolutely! Olive Garden’s Ravioli Carbonara is a real treat. Imagine cheesy ravioli soaked in a creamy alfredo carbonara sauce, and topped with savory bacon bits, more cheese, and a crispy topping. It’s delicious!

What’s inside Olive Garden’s ravioli?

These ravioli are filled with seasoned beef, which gives them a tasty and satisfying taste. They are lightly fried for this perfect crunch.

Can I have ravioli for lunch or dinner?

Absolutely! Whether you’re making homemade ravioli or going for the ready-made ones from the store, ravioli makes for a great meal any night of the week. It’s comforting, cheesy, and can even include some meat for a hearty dinner.

So, what’s in ravioli?

For the dough, you’ve got all-purpose flour, salt, eggs, water, and a bit of olive oil. The filling is a mixture of ricotta, Parmesan, mozzarella, provolone cheese, an egg, and some dried parsley.

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