2024,Starbucks Welcomes Back Pistachio Drinks on the Winter Menu!

Image Via Starbucks
Image Via Starbucks

Great news for pistachio fans and people who care about the environment! Starbucks is bringing back their tasty pistachio drinks for a short time. Plus, you can now use your own cup everywhere, even in the drive-thru!

Pistachio delights have arrived!

  1. Pistachio Latte: Hot or cold espresso with pistachio flavor and a nutty, salty topping.
  2. Pistachio Cream Cold Brew: Cold coffee with vanilla syrup, topped with pistachio foam and sprinkles.

Bring your cup

  • Use your reusable cup for any drink, anywhere – in the store, drive-thru, or when ordering on the app.
  • Get a 10-cent discount and 25 bonus Stars for using your cup (up to 3 times a day).

Important notes

  • Pistachio drinks and the reusable cup offer won’t last long.
  • Tell the drive-thru barista you have a reusable cup and be ready to hand it over without the lid.
  • Select “Personal Cup” when placing your order on the app.

So, grab your cup and head to Starbucks for some delicious pistachio goodness while helping the planet with every sip!

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