Smoothie King Introduces Fresh Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie.

Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie
Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie

Smoothie King Celebrates the Eclipse with a Berrylicious Blast!

Get ready for a celestial sip sensation! Smoothie King is launching a limited-edition smoothie called the Eclipse Berry Blitz to celebrate this year’s total solar eclipse. Here’s the scoop on this out-of-this-world drink:

Starting March 27th, 2024, you can grab the Eclipse Berry Blitz at participating Smoothie King locations across the country. But this tasty treat won’t be around forever – it’s only available until April 8th, so don’t miss your chance!

The Eclipse Berry Blitz is a delicious blend of fruits and healthy extras. Here’s what makes this smoothie so special.

  • Wild Blueberries: These tiny powerhouses are packed with antioxidants and flavor.
  • Apples: A classic smoothie ingredient, apples add sweetness and essential vitamins.
  • Bananas: Bananas provide natural sweetness and creaminess to the mix.
  • White Grape Lemon Juice Blend: This adds a refreshing citrusy touch.
  • Blueberry Juice Blend: Double down on the berryliciousness with a boost of blueberry flavor.
  • Protein Blend: This keeps you feeling full and energized.
  • Blue Spirulina: This special ingredient gives the smoothie a vibrant purple color, reminiscent of the eclipse itself. Spirulina is also a type of algae known for its potential health benefits.

See the Eclipse Safely, Sip in Style! Here’s a bonus reason to snag an Eclipse Berry Blitz smoothie: If you visit a Smoothie King location within the path of the total solar eclipse and buy this special drink, you’ll get a FREE pair of branded eclipse glasses! This way, you can safely gaze at the celestial event while enjoying your delicious smoothie.

Smoothie King is all about healthy and delicious options. The Eclipse Berry Blitz is a perfect example of their commitment to using real, whole ingredients to create nutritious and flavorful beverages that support your health and fitness goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Smoothie King between March 27th and April 8th to grab your Eclipse Berry Blitz smoothie and celebrate the eclipse in a fun and flavorful way!

  • This press release doesn’t mention the exact size of the smoothie, but typical Smoothie King smoothies range from 20 to 32 ounces.
  • It’s always a good idea to check with your local Smoothie King location for availability and pricing of the Eclipse Berry Blitz smoothie.
  • Remember, looking directly at the sun without proper eye protection can cause serious eye damage. Even during a solar eclipse, the sun’s rays are still very strong. Make sure to use the free eclipse glasses provided by Smoothie King or purchase a certified pair of eclipse glasses to view the eclipse safely.

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