Sleepy Girlzzz Smoothie Debuts at Smoothie King

Image Via Smoothie King
Image Via Smoothie King

Smoothie King’s got a new limited-edition drink inspired by a viral recipe, and it’s got sleep written all over it (and in its name) – the Sleepy Girlzzz Smoothie!

  • Fruity goodness: Made with bananas, pears, cherries, and more.
  • Sleep-aid boost: Cherries have melatonin, a natural sleep hormone.
  • Wallet-friendly: Medium size starts around $6.
  • Limited time only: Snooze on this and you might miss out!

But before you dreamland dash, here’s a heads-up on the nutrition facts of Sleepy Girlzzz Smoothie

  • 32-ounce serving:
  •  Packs 530 calories, 
  • 2.5g fat (1.5g saturated), 
  • 230mg sodium,
  •  117g carbs (whoa!), 
  • 109g sugar (yep, that’s a lot!),
  •  and 8g protein.

Key points

  • Melatonin boost: Cherries help you chill out and drift off.
  • Limited time: Don’t sleep on this trendy sip!
  • Sugar content: Enjoy in moderation, sleepyheads!

So grab your Sleepy Girlzzz Smoothie and catch some sweet dreams (but maybe not TOO many sweet dreams, thanks to that sugar).

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