Pizza Hut Launches Hot Honey Goodbye Pies.

Pizza Hut Launches Hot Honey Goodbye Pies.
Pizza Hut Launches Hot Honey Goodbye Pies.

Pizza Hut Serves Up Hot Honey Heartbreak with “Goodbye Pies”

Pizza Hut ditches the romance this Valentine’s Day with “Goodbye Pies,” a spicy breakup solution.

Research shows 45% of people prefer to end relationships before Valentine’s Day, making the “Red Tuesday” before it (February 6th this year) a peak breakup day. Enter Pizza Hut’s limited-edition Hot Honey “Goodbye Pies,” offering a sweet and spicy way to deliver the news – for free.

Pizza Hut delivers the breakup (and the pizza).

  • Visit starting February 6th to submit a personalized message.
  • Pizza Hut delivers a Hot Honey pizza with your message on custom packaging in select Miami, Chicago, and NYC locations (until February 14th or supplies last).
  • Outside these cities? Request a breakup text and a future-ex gift card for a free Hot Honey pizza online.

Craving the Hot Honey flavor without the heartbreak?

  • The new Hot Honey Pizza and Wings are available nationwide for a limited time.
  • Hot Honey Pizza features pepperoni, marinara, cheese, and a hot honey drizzle balancing sweet and savory with crispy cupped pepperoni.
  • Hot Honey Wings come in bone-in and boneless options, double-dipped in the sweet and spicy hot honey glaze.

Pizza Hut’s Hot Honey offerings.

  • Hot Honey Pizza: starts at $11.99 (medium)
  • Hot Honey Wings (6-piece): starts at $5.99

Enjoy the Hot Honey flavor or send a “Goodbye Pie” (while supplies last)! Remember, this is a limited-time offering.

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