Panera Bringing New Bacon Avocado Melt And Southwest Chicken Melt

Panera has two new yummy sandwiches coming soon! Starting January 11th, everyone can try them, but MyPanera members get early dibs!

The Bacon Avocado Melt has smokey bacon, avocado, and creamy chipotle aioli on sourdough bread.

The Southwest Chicken Melt has smokey pulled chicken, red onion, and chipotle aioli on sourdough bread.

The Sourdough Melts will be available everywhere from January 11, 2024, but if you’re a MyPanera rewards member, you can get early access at the new menu items right now.

Both sandwiches are around $10.99each and come with a side like chips or fruit.

They’re only here for a limited time, so go and get them!

Nutrition Facts

Bacon Avocado Melt, A Feast for the Palate, Mindful of the Body

– Calories: 850

– Fat: 52g

– Saturated Fat: 21g

– Sodium: 1476mg

– Carbs: 71g

– Sugar: 3g

– Protein: 28g

Southwest Chicken Melt, Spicy Goodness with a Health Twist

– Calories: 800

– Fat: 40g

– Saturated Fat: 18g

– Sodium: 1630mg

– Carbs: 67g

– Sugar: 3g

– Protein: 44

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