Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich


Oreo frozen dairy sweet sandwich is a new and delicious way to enjoy America’s favorite cookie. They are made of cream-flavored frozen dairy dessert, filled with pieces of OREO cookie, and sandwiched between two big Oreo cookie wafers.

Imagine creamy ice cream, like fluffy clouds, mixed with crunchy OREO chunks, all trapped between two giant OREO cookies! That’s the OREO frozen treat, ready to party with your taste buds!
And guess what? You can design your OREO cookies with OREOiD! Make them rainbow-colored, and sprinkle them with marshmallows, the sky’s the limit!
So ditch the boring and say hello to OREO yumminess!

What’s inside these tasty treats?

OREO wafers and cookie pieces (made with flour, sugar, oil, cocoa, and other yummy stuff) Creamy frozen dairy dessert swirled with OREO bits A sprinkle of other ingredients to help keep everything frozen and delicious


These contain wheat, milk, and soy
Each sandwich has 210 calories
15 grams of added sugar
One pack has 4 sandwiches
So, grab an OREO frozen dairy dessert sandwich soon, and enjoy your Fast Food dessert.
Please note that they are not suitable for people with wheat, milk, or soy allergies.

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