Jack In The Box Reintroduces Spicy Tiny Tacos.

jack in the box's tiny tacos
jack in the box's tiny tacos

Calling All Spice Lovers- Jack in the Box Brings Back the Heat with Spicy Tiny Tacos!

Craving a fiery fiesta in your mouth? Look no further than Jack in the Box! They’re bringing back their wildly popular Spicy Tiny Tacos for a limited time, offering a delicious punch of flavor in a bite-sized package.

Get ready to experience two flavor variations that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. First up is the Classic Spicy Tiny Taco. These crunchy mini tacos pack a flavorful punch with just the right amount of heat. The seasoned meat filling is perfectly complemented by the coolness of Jack’s Famous Buttermilk Ranch dipping sauce, creating a delightful contrast that will have you reaching for more.

But if you’re looking for an explosion of taste and texture, then the Sauced & Loaded Spicy Tiny Tacos are calling your name. These miniature masterpieces come fully loaded with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce that will leave you wanting to lick the container (don’t worry, we won’t judge). Melty shredded cheddar cheese adds a richness that blends beautifully with the seasoned meat filling and the kick of spice. To top it all off, a refreshing sprinkle of shredded lettuce and tangy taco sauce create a symphony of flavors and textures in every single bite.

Whether you’re a spice aficionado or simply enjoy a little heat with your meal, Jack in the Box’s Spicy Tiny Tacos cater to all preferences. The Classic option offers a balanced approach, while the Sauced & Loaded version takes things up a notch with its decadent toppings. Both choices come in a convenient and shareable portion, making them perfect for a quick snack, a side dish, or even a light lunch or dinner.

Here’s a breakdown of the key details to get your taste buds tingling.

  • Flavor Options.
    • Classic Spicy Tiny Tacos: Seasoned meat filling with a touch of spice, served with Jack’s Famous Buttermilk Ranch for dipping.
    • Sauced & Loaded Spicy Tiny Tacos: Seasoned meat filling with a touch of spice, topped with creamy cheddar cheese sauce, melty shredded cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, and taco sauce.
  • Price.
    • Classic Spicy Tiny Tacos: Suggested price of $4 (may vary depending on location).
    • Sauced & Loaded Spicy Tiny Tacos: Suggested price of $5 (may vary depending on location).
  • Availability: Nationwide at participating Jack in the Box locations for a limited time.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the fiery flavor explosion of Jack in the Box‘s Spicy Tiny Tacos! Head down to your nearest Jack in the Box location today and grab a pack (or two, we won’t tell) of these delicious miniature delights. Remember, they’re only available for a limited time, so get your hands on them before they disappear in a fiery flash!

Here are some additional details

  • Portion Size: While the exact number of tacos per order isn’t specified, online reviews suggest that a typical order comes with around 15 tacos. This makes them perfect for sharing or satisfying a moderate craving.
  • Customization Options: While Jack in the Box doesn’t advertise any official customization options, you can always ask for your tacos on the side or request to hold any of the toppings according to your dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Nutritional Information: Since the Spicy Tiny Tacos are a limited-time offering, the exact nutritional information might not be readily available on Jack in the Box’s website. However, based on the ingredients listed, you can expect them to be higher in calories, fat, and sodium compared to the regular Tiny Tacos due to the addition of cheese sauce and seasoned meat filling.
  • Social Media Buzz: A quick search online reveals positive reviews for the Spicy Tiny Tacos. Many reviewers praise the perfect balance of spice and flavor in the Classic version, while others rave about the decadent indulgence of the Sauced & Loaded option.

So, are you ready to answer the call of the spice gods? Jack in the Box’s Spicy Tiny Tacos are waiting to set your taste buds on fire!

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