Crumbl Cookies-Feb 4, 2024 – Grab Chocolate Mallow Cupcake & More!

Image Via Crumbl
Image Via Crumbl
New Crumbl Cookies Flavors This Week (Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2024)!

Crumbl is serving up 6 delicious cookie flavors this week, including some classics and exciting new ones! Here’s what you can get.

The classics.

  • Milk Chocolate Chip: Can’t go wrong with this thick, soft cookie packed with chocolate chips.
  • S’mores: A graham cracker cookie with chocolate chips, topped with melty marshmallow, chocolate drizzle, and graham cracker crumbs.

New & exciting.

  • Vanilla Crumb Cake ft. Golden Oreo: Warm cookie with Golden Oreo pieces, vanilla cream cheese frosting, and even more Oreos!
  • Chocolate Mallow Cupcake: Chocolate cake cookie topped with fluffy marshmallow whipped cream, chocolate glaze, and white loops.
  • Sugar: Rainbow sprinkles cookie with white chips, topped with a Circus Animal Cookie and more sprinkles.
  • Mystery Cookie: It’s a surprise! Check the Crumbl app to see what your local store offers.

These cookies are available at all Crumbl locations nationwide until February 4th, so hurry in and grab yours before they’re gone!

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