Crazy Mason Milkshakes-Where Sweet Dreams Get Mason Jar-Sized

Image Via Crazy Mason Milkshakes
Image Via Crazy Mason Milkshakes

Calling all milkshake enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a sugary adventure into the world of Crazy Mason Milkshakes, where over-the-top creations defy gravity and tantalize taste buds. But before we dive into the whipped cream and sprinkles, let’s address some burning questions.

Do you keep the glass at Crazy Mason?

That depends! If you order a “Regular” Crazy Mason shake, the classic mason jar becomes yours to keep as a sweet souvenir. But for the truly monstrous “Grande” and “Supreme” sizes, you’ll get your shake in a disposable cup. So, size up and score yourself a collectible jar if that’s your milkshake mission!

Who owns the Crazy Mason milkshake bar?

The dynamic duo behind the Crazy Mason magic are husband and wife team, Bo and Sherri Steele. They dreamt up this whimsical concept in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and have been blending up smiles ever since!

Is the Crazy Mason milkshake bar coming to Concord NC?

As of now, there’s no official word on a Crazy Mason landing in Concord, NC. But with their milkshake mania spreading like sprinkles on the wind, who knows what the future holds? Keep your eyes peeled and your spoon ready, just in case!

Who started the crazy milkshakes?

The “crazy milkshake” trend itself can be traced back to a little café in Canberra, Australia, called Pâtissez. In 2015, they introduced the “Freakshow” milkshake, a towering masterpiece overflowing with toppings and sugary goodness. This whimsical invention sparked a global craze, and now, over-the-top milkshakes are taking over taste buds everywhere!

Now, let’s dive into the real star of the show, the milkshakes themselves!

Crazy Mason Milkshakes are not your average joe. These are works of art, culinary feats of engineering, and sugar-coated dreams come true. Imagine mountains of whipped cream adorned with candy bars, cookies, brownies, and even sparklers! Flavors range from classics like chocolate and strawberry to adventurous concoctions like peanut butter and jelly and salted caramel. Each creation is a feast for the eyes and the stomach, guaranteed to leave you with a sugar rush and a smile wider than the mason jar itself.


So, the next time you have a sweet tooth craving, ditch the ordinary and seek out a Crazy Mason Milkshake. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget, and who knows, you might just walk away with a mason jar souvenir and a memory that’s as sweet as the shake itself!

Remember, moderation is key, so enjoy your Crazy Mason milkshake responsibly and savor every decadent sip!

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