“Cinnabon’s Churro Chillata Returns for a Short Time!”

Cinnabon's Churro Chillata
Cinnabon's Churro Chillata

“The cinnabon’s Churro Chillata is back for a little while! This tasty drink has a cold, creamy base with blended churro pieces for extra cinnamon flavor. It’s topped with crunchy churros for dipping and a fluffy layer of whipped cream.”

You can grab this delicious treat at any participating Cinnabon nationwide for a limited time.


  • 16-oz: $5.29 (approx.)
  • 24-oz: $5.79 (approx.)

So hurry! Don’t miss your chance to enjoy the cinnabon’s Churro Chillata before it’s gone again!

Key points

  • Cinnabon’s Churro Chillata is back!
  • Available at all Cinnabon locations for a limited time.
  • Includes blended Chillata, churro chunks, churro garnish, and whipped cream.
  • Prices vary by size.

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