Checkers & Rally’s Revives $5 Meal Deal for 2024.

Image Via Checkers
Image Via Checkers

Good news, foodies! Checkers & Rally’s are bringing back their popular $5 Meal Deal for a limited time!

Starting today, participating locations nationwide will be serving up this budget-friendly feast. What’s included?

A delicious Checkerburger or Rallyburger stacked with yummy toppings
8 juicy white meat Chicken Bites
A small order of their famous seasoned fries
A refreshing 16-oz drink

All for just $5! That’s right, five bucks gets you a complete meal.

Want to make it even more epic? Add some cheesy goodness with their Fry-Seasoned Monsterella Stix:

4 pieces for $3.59
6 pieces for $4.39

Feeling sweet? Grab a Sweet Apple Pie for just $1.

Don’t miss out on this delicious deal! Head to your nearest Checkers & Rally’s today and grab your $5 Meal Deal before it’s gone.

Are Checkers and Rally’s the same?

Yes, Checkers and Rally’s are pretty much the same. In 1999, Checkers bought Rally’s, but they kept the Rally’s name in places where Rally’s was more popular. Both Checkers and Rally’s offer the exact same food with the same menu items.

They get their food from the same suppliers, so it tastes the same no matter if you go to a Checkers or a Rally’s. The Restaurant Support Center in Tampa helps both brands. They support and take care of things for both Checkers and Rally’s to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Where can you find them? Checkers usually hangs out in the Southeast and Northeast, while Rally’s prefers the Midwest and California. But sometimes they overlap, so you might see both next door to each other!

So, the next time you’re craving a burger or some fries, don’t worry about whether it’s Checkers or Rally’s. Just head in and enjoy the tasty treats, knowing they’re practically cousins!

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