Capriotti’s Introduces American Wagyu French Dip to Permanent Menu.

Image Via Capriotti's
Image Via Capriotti's

Capriotti’s Adds Fancy Beef Sandwich to Menu for Good!

Good news for meat lovers! Capriotti’s just announced their popular American Wagyu French Dip sandwich is here to stay!

That means you can get this delicious sandwich anytime you want, at any Capriotti’s location nationwide.

So, what’s the big deal about this fancy-sounding sandwich?

  • Melt-in-your-mouth American Wagyu beef: This special type of beef is known for its amazing marbling, making it super tender and juicy.
  • Piled high and flavorful: The sandwich is loaded with thin slices of Wagyu beef, seasoned with pepper, and topped with creamy mayo and melty Swiss cheese.
  • Fresh bread and flavorful dip: All this goodness is sandwiched between a fresh baguette and served with a warm au jus dipping sauce for extra flavor.

Ready to try it? Ready to try? Prices vary by location, but expect around.

  • $8.59 for a Half Sub
  • $12.79 for a Small Sub
  • $15.49 for a Medium Sub
  • $23.99 for a Large Sub

Head to your nearest Capriotti’s today and grab a taste of luxury!

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