Burger King is Providing $2 Off Any Flame-Grilled Burger Combo.

Image Via Burger King
Image Via Burger King

Burger King wants to make your taste buds happy with a great deal! Until January 24th, you can get $2 off any delicious combo with a flame-grilled burger, fries, and a drink.

Here’s how to get the deal.

  1. Download the BK app or go to
  2. Look for the offer in the “Offers” section and activate it.
  3. Choose your favorite flame-grilled burger (Whopper, perhaps?).
  4. Add fries and a drink to make it a combo.
  5. Pay using the app or website (no need for fancy delivery apps).


  • This deal is for Royal Perks members, but joining is free!
  • You have to order through the app or website, and it’s only available at certain U.S. Burger King locations.
  • If you’re eating in, don’t forget your “My Code” from your account.

So, skip the kitchen and enjoy an inexpensive and tasty flame-grilled meal at Burger King!

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