Barilla’s New Pasta Shape Hits Stores Nationwide!

Barilla new PASTA Shapes
Barilla new PASTA Shapes

Ah, Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than with a heaping plate of pasta shaped like little hearts? That’s right, Barilla Love is back, gracing grocery store shelves and Nordstrom menus with its adorable, bite-sized charm.

Remember last year’s mad dash to snag this limited-edition treat? This time, skip the online sweepstakes and head straight to the pasta aisle at select grocery stores nationwide. Look for the eye-catching box in the seasonal section, where love takes the form of tiny, tender hearts. Don’t worry about commitment issues – these noodles are perfect for a romantic dinner for two, a playful family gathering, or even a solo celebration of self-love (because who needs a significant other when you have carbs?).

But like a fleeting first kiss, Barilla Love’s stay is temporary. So grab a box (or two!) while they last. If the grocery gods haven’t blessed you with local availability, fear not! Throughout February, Nordstrom Restaurant Group locations will be serving up these pasta sweethearts in delectable dishes like Bolognese & Meatballs, Spicy Shrimp Pomodoro, and even a kid-approved (but secretly adult-craved) creamy Mac & Cheese.

Feeling adventurous? Trader Joe’s beckons with their Italian Artisan Heart Shaped Pasta, ready to twist with your favorite sauce and steal your heart. Or, for a sweet ending, Aldi’s February Finds offer Mama Cozzi’s heart-shaped cheese pizza and Specially Selected cheesecake with a strawberry swirl – perfect for sharing (or not, we won’t judge!).

So, whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a dedicated family chef, or simply a carb enthusiast, embrace the love in every bite with Barilla Love or its delightful alternatives. Remember, these heart-shaped noodles are like Cupid’s arrows – once they’re gone, you’ll be left with nothing but sweet memories and maybe a few cheesy crumbs. So grab your fork, get ready for some saucy love, and savor the season of hearts!

Key points.

  • Barilla Love pasta is available for a limited time only, so get it while you can!
  • You can find it at select grocery stores nationwide or on menus at Nordstrom Restaurant Group locations.
  • If you can’t find Barilla Love pasta, there are other heart-shaped pasta options available at Trader Joe’s and Aldi.

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